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Football Dreams

NUDSA’s Fantasy Football Dreams Competition is back for the 2019/20 season!

Click on this link to view the latest Player List; Click on this link to view all the entries for this season – Teams Entered; We use the Premier League Fantasy Football game for the scoring – Click here for details on Fantasy Premier League.

To see the latest league table click the button below.

The transfer windows will be held on these dates:

7th-18th October 2019 – Past
2nd-10th January 2020
10th-21st February 2020

Manager of the Month 2019/20

August – Dennis Cahill
September – Peter Allan
October – Grant Carr
November – Robert Carr


Click here for 2018/19 results
Click here for 2017/18 results

View 2019/20 Table

Premier League Predictor

The Premier League Predictor is running for the 2019/20 season.

Click on this link to view the Entries for this season.

Click the button below for the 2019/20 table.


Click here for last year’s results.

Click here for 2017/18 results.

View 2018/19 Table