Football Dreams

This is NUDSA’s Fantasy Football Dreams Competition. The 2017/18 results are below. Top prize for first place is £75 plus we have runner up and monthly prizes, it’s great value! Click here for details on Scoring - We use the Premier League Fantasy Football game for the scoring.

Manager of the Month Results:

August - Keith Sutherland
September - Mark Sutherland
October - Stephen Miller
November - Laura Green
December - Craig & Gillian Hauxwell
January - Jonny Miller
February - Keith Sutherland
March - Mark Dawson
April - Grant Car
May - Alex Craig

Premier League Predictor 2017/18

This season we are running a new competition as well as Football Dreams. Simply predict how you think the Premier League will finish this season from 1st to last place. Using a points system based on how close you are with each team’s finishing position, the top 3 entries with the most points at the end of the season will win a cash prize.

There are 12 entries in this season's inaugural competition.