It’s almost a year since we started the NUDSA Members Monthly Prize Draw.

In July last year, the NUDSA Committee decided to suspend membership fees for current members due to the pandemic for the 2020/21 season.

It was also decided to hold monthly prize draws where one adult and one Zebra member would be picked at random to win a cash prize in the form of a gift voucher.

The prizes would be £15 for the adult winner and £10 for the Zebra winner.

This was to say thank you to our loyal members and to raise spirits during the challenging times we have all been going through since the beginning of last year.

Below is a list of all the winners since we started doing the prize draws. If you have won a prize, we hope you enjoyed it and used it to buy something nice.

December was the only month when we didn’t do a draw because of the Christmas Raffle. So in the past year we have given out a whopping £275 in prizes.

Member Prize Draw Winners

July 2020

Adult Winner – Anne Dawson | Zebra Winner – Rowan Harrison-Hogarth

August 2020

Adult Winner – Chris Boyd | Zebra Winner – Brodie Brooks

September 2020

Adult Winner – Gordon Johnson | Zebra Winner – Angus Cameron

October 2020

Adult Winner – James Piet | Zebra Winner – Harri Martin

November 2020

Adult Winner – Corey Hakeny | Zebra Winner – Finley Curry

January 2021

Adult Winner – Dillan Marshal | Zebra Winner – Lawrence Mitchenson

February 2021

Adult Winner – Joe Conker | Zebra Winner – Jay Chappell

March 2021

Adult Winner – Louise Moon | Zebra Winner – Kyron Richmond

April 2021

Adult Winner – Stewart Chappell | Zebra Winner – Caleb Harrison-Hogarth

May 2021

Adult Winner – Jordan McAdam | Zebra Winner – Isabelle Ayton

June 2021

Adult Winner – Nichola Thompson | Zebra Winner – Esme Ayton

July 2021

Adult Winner – Adam Hutton | Zebra Winner – Thomas Miller

August 2021

Adult Winner – David Craig | Zebra Winner – Sam Ogle

September 2021

Adult Winner – John Foley | Adult Winner – Eric Wilson (Redrawn from August) | Zebra Winner – Joseph Harrison-Hogarth

October 2021

Adult Winner – Walter Appleby | Zebra Winner – Sophia Cryan

Noveber 2021

Adult Winner – Dawn Flockton | Zebra Winner – Jay Chappell