Level Playing Field Weeks of Action 2021 runs from 27th February – 14th March.

NUDSA have been involved with Level Playing Field for a long time. We first got involved with The National Association for Disabled Supporters (NADS) which was the forerunner of Level Playing Field.

NUDSA Founder Member Terry Meadows attended the first meeting of NADS at Blackburn Rovers Football Stadium.

NUDSA’s then Chairman Steve Wilkinson was a board member of NADS and also Level Playing Field and was involved in changing the name of the organisation to Level Playing Field. NUDSA was involved in promoting this organisation and got involved with the Weeks of Action from the start and had various days where we gave out leaflets and wore T-shirts at matches that came within the weeks of action.

NUDSA Founder member and current Secretary Stephen Miller was the Guest Speaker at Level Playing Fields first National Forum in November 2019. The event was held at the Milton Keynes Football Stadium and was attended by Disability Supporters Associations from Football Clubs in the Premier League Championship and Football League as well as Rugby and other sports. The event was a huge success.

Over the years Level Playing Feld has grown unbelievably and now works not only with Football but lots of sports giving information about disability facilities at sports stadiums in the UK and around the world. NUDSA have tried to promote Level Playing Field in the 2 Weeks of Action each year. We have had socials in those weeks and also ran away trips. I always use Level Playing Field when we take an away trip to check out the facilities at the stadium and also to get contact details of their Disability Officer to let them know that NUDSA are bringing a trip and they organise to meet the coach and sort out the parking getting all our supporters into and out of the stadium as safely as possible. It is a great help when organising a disability away trip.

Good Luck to LPF with all their promotions during their Weeks of Action

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